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Our designers have years of experience to supply and support ideas of new inventions as well as modifications. We are able to do a well planned modifications and repair for various parts and products in order to optimize the design.

We are capable of releasing excellent quality design using popular software that is widely recognized and approved by the industry.


3C Consulting mission is to provide quick, accurate and cost effective engineering simulation and analysis to all clients. Experienced engineers supported by state-of-the-art analysis tools will give you the best engineering solution for every problem your industry might have.


Following are examples of works that we can perform:
+ Stress Analysis of Tank

+ Stress Analysis Pressure Vessel (Pipe)

+ Stress Analysis Truss Structure

+ Impact & Blast Analysis of Military Vehicle

+ Buckling Analysis of Pipeline

+ Fatigue & Damage Tolerance of Aircraft skin

+ Static & Dynamic Analysis of Off-shore Platform & Riser

+ Stress Analysis of Composite Wing skin and many more











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